The quality of a web project. How is it defined, how can you achieve it?

Die Qualität eines Webprojekts

Often times, certain things are overlooked when we evaluate the quality of a web project. You can find countless web projects that seem perfect at first glance and that also have a good search engine ranking. However, a good search engine ranking and a nice first impression don’t tell all that much about the quality of a website. Often, web projects could be much more successful if the makers took other criteria into consideration and eliminated flaws that impair the quality.

Websites or mobile sites that get a good search engine ranking solely because they are search engine optimized often frustrate users due to dead links, long load times, or forms that just won’t work.There can be glitches and mistakes in many elements of a web project, and even the qualified in-house QA team of a big company can fail to see them or may even decide to ignore them. The reasons for this are manifold. In some instances, a company’s QA department is specialized in certain areas, so they can’t test the quality of the project as a whole. In other cases, there is not enough time or there is a lack of resources. And then, there are cases where glitches are deliberately ignored so as not to cast a poor light on other in-house departments. However, the quality of a web project is the criterion by which companies and webmasters are judged. Therefore, such a project should be free of glitches, and it’s quality should impress the user.

A site that offers quality and is free of glitches will earn the user’s trust much quicker than a website or mobile site that is full of apparent and hidden errors. Images or videos that cannot be displayed correctly, glitchy contact forms, overly long load times … Things like that can drive away the user – a user who may have been looking exactly for what that site was offering. And another user, who might have become a customer had it not been for all the glitches, may turn to support and report the errors. Is that really what you want after you have worked so long and so hard to secure a favorable search engine ranking for your project? And even in SEO, many mistakes are made. Often, you have certain elements of a project that are perfect down to the last detail, but at the same time, some of the most basic rules that should be self-evident are overlooked.

Die Qualität eines Webprojekts 2

External QA teams test web projects in line with clearly defined guidelines, in preset working sequences, and their test reports often show mistakes that are made on the most basic levels of a project. All the attention was paid to the details, but the fundamentals have been neglected. Also, the quality standards are constantly evolving and changing, which is another good reason to employ the services of an experienced external QA provider. If a company
is offering QA tests, it is their job to be up to date, and often, they also offer quality monitoring. This is another big advantage because with quality monitoring, a web project won’t just be up to the highest quality standards today, but also in the future. Apart from just employing a QA agency’s services for tests, it is also recommended to have them on board as consultants during the planning phase of the project. If you can include QA guidelines early in the process, you won’t have to spend so much time eliminating errors in the development phase.

Webmasters who have little time for QA tests or companies that don’t have their own QA test departments should really turn to external service providers to make sure that the users get a smooth, error-free experience on their websites and mobile sites. If you are working on a web project, it is particularly important that the following features live up to the current quality standards and are free of glitches:

  • Functionality for all browsers and devices
  • Server accessibility and server and project performance
  • Frontend and backend usability
  • Sign-in and contact forms
  • SEO, source text, and meta analysis
  • Internal and external links
  • Time-consuming tests ( if you want happy users, there is no way around)

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