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November 2017

Back to the roots: How to become a webmaster and what do you need? With instructions for PHP portals, SEO, time management and WordPress. Included: A tutorial to create your own SignUp overlay and the answer to the question of who still pays for porn. Also: Alternative traffic sources to Google and other search engines!

July 2017

News from Google, WordPress and Co: Google’s update “Fred” is the next big quality initiative. WordPress’ update closes security holes – But does it also lead to a slump in sales? Important for email marketing: Honey pots, spam traps and other ways ISP’s fight against spammers. Also useful: An introduction to thorough link building.

February 2017

Safey first! Why the green padlock in your browser is crucial and how to equip your pages with an SSL certificate. Tips for webmasters: market amateur content properly and find a strong partner for your dating traffic. Besides: The top 5 how you will be kicked by Google – or rather, how you can avoid exactly that.

December 2016

Fresh design and fresh themes. This time: VR is here! What does this mean for the adult business? Apps as the future of adult entertainment and a collection of useful plug-ins for WordPress. As a guide: How YouTube also has potential as an adult traffic source.

July 2016

To think about: CPL vs. REVENUE SHARE – A hard decision? Rethinking with CSS and animated keyframces. The Open Analytics Platform PIWIK and the Cam-Report on Social Media.

March 2016

How to: PHP portals and volume-tutorial to achieve conversion tracking with postbacks or pixels. Onpage SEO with “All Provided Keyword List” and scalable vector graphics with modern web technology.

December 2015

Important: Reputation rating of link channels and affiliate marketing and how to make profit with it. In addition: A re-design does not have to be a stumbling block! And: How Google’s Search Console turns “not provided” into “all provided”.

August 2015

Traffic Masters: SEO Updates, Tracking and Conversion Tips, Adult SEO Updates, Mobile Optimized Pages and more. Also: Tracking is king and how to find the right product for your traffic. In addition: Is Conversion Optimization a seven-sealed book?

February 2015

Earn more money: As a webmaster or amateur in social networks! Also: SEO ranking factors and how your own themes are generated in WordPress.

December 2014

“We love Webmasters!” The Christmas campaign was a complete success for everyone! Much to imitate: exploit whitelabels and apply strategies, place advertisements better with heatmaps and generate traffic with Youtube.

July 2014

The best and newest: as the number 1 source of information and Facebook as an advertising Mecca. Also good: e-mail marketing “best practices” and the rating with statistics.

January 2014

Staying up to date: Responsive web designs and social media are a must for webmasters. Classic: Boost a product with SEM and successful blogging and networking with

November 2013

Extra simple: Earn money with online game campaigns. Quick & Dirty automated blogs created with Blogsautomater. Better plans: For WordPress and ad rates on landing pages and direct links.

June 2013

Seizing opportunities: Exploiting untapped sales potential of landing pages. “Free hosted blogs” blessing or curse? In Tutorial: News from the Script World with SmartCJ Pro.

December 2012

Source of income at risk? How to cleverly block an adblocker. Also useful: Top convert with fake blogs and maximize traffic potentials. In addition: How to get your backlinks despite Google’s latest updates.

September 2012

Earn money by playing: The parallels between online games and adult traffic and how you earn money with it. Getting to the bottom of things: Google’s new algorithm and the new draft law for e-commerce providers. Also included: A guide to show your designs on the Smartphone.

May 2012

This time: How to get more out of your international traffic! How to buy real traffic and what to look for in the SEO for pictures. In addition: Is data protection also data security? And: Web meets Mobile. How you use Affair Dating on the smartphone.

December 2011

All about earning more: Every webmaster is a marketing booster! How do I generate generic traffic? Also: How do I cross-sell on niche sites? And: Eight tips for international success.

September 2011

Lucrative: The business with cam girls. Helpful: The tutorial to successfully build a layout and run SEO for the Affaire PHP portal. Also: What is Google Panda?