On the Road with TrafficPartner and its member companies this fall!

Currently we’re wondering here at Trafficpartner HQ if we should get a Tour Bus next year with the amount of trade shows we’ve covered this fall 😉 The TrafficPartner team, which includes rookies and veterans from our member companies such as SGM, DatingPartner, Campartner, DatingCafe and last, but not least DigitalPerformance toured DMEXCO in Cologne, WebMasterAccess in Amsterdam, The European Summit in Prague, Mobilewebtainment in Berlin, Ad:Tech in New York and The Island Gathering on the Bahamas. Ok, it’s difficult to cross the Atlantic in a Tour Bus, so the team will stick to airplanes for now 😉 Let us just pick out two high-lights amongst all these events.

Unterwegs im Herbst

At WebMasterAccess Amsterdam, Captain Andy Wullmer of SGM notoriety imparted his not inconsiderable knowledge about “Mobile Marketing For Customer Acquisition” as invited speaker at the event and surprised the last evenings white party attendees with the fact that he is actually a sheikh! Well, one never knows… 😉 So no wonder that SGM also converts well in the MENA region.Unterwegs im Herbst 2


The other highlight which definitely needs pointing out was The European Summit in Prague. With the – by now – traditional SGM VIP Party Prague at the very unique and singular EightiesCafé in the center of town; the tables laden with Pussyjuice, SGM’s very own signature drink and the sound system blasting Deezy Freeman live with his track “Pussyjuice”, the SGM Crew delivered a night to remember again. During daytime the event-location at Park Hotel was a hub of activity with more than 1000 (!) attendees and no electrical outage this year. Panels were well-attended and in the exhibition area with its concept of open and spacious company lounges hardly a moment passed by without new business ideas being put forth and a new deal being struck. What is the conclusion from all these events (and parties ;-)? TrafficPartner has gained many new contacts and strengthened bonds with existing partners. The continued success underlines the companies’ group belief in the paramount importance of personal relationships and making an effort to be out there in person with the people you are doing business with.Unterwegs im Herbst 3


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