Istvan Gergley works for Digital Performance in Berlin and as the head of media buying has a lot of experience and expertise. Knowledge he is most happy to share with you.

This article first appeared in the AWMpro #18.

Many times I hear that this or that is not converting, not working, just not, not, not… Offers and landing pages get old. This attitude is always making me think: Did those media buyers try hard enough? Sure, media buying is not as straight forward as it was five years ago. You just threw up stuff and it converted back in those days.

Nowadays, this profession has its challenges as many others. How is it possible that we still hear six and eight figure stories, if offers are not converting anymore? The answer is simple: those six or eight figure media buyers keep reinventing themselves. They take charge of things they can influence and act. They are smart in their decisions. They work in a team or they cooperate with other media buyers from the industry.

One of these actions is not believing that there is a holy grail of traffic. Many say if you find this holy grail, then all your troubles are solved, everything converts on this source, you just need to cash in. But of course – It’s not true! You need to check out the pages where you do display advertising and understand the audience. What are they looking for? What can we advertise for them? And most importantly, how do we advertise for them? So they end up buying, what we want them to buy. That doesn’t sound too complicated, does it? So let’s look into the details for a bit, shall we?

The first step is always understanding your audience. Media buyers match audiences with products, solutions and services. Sounds easy isn‘t it? Not so fast though. Many times, as a media buyer you need to create marketing messages, proposals and build up a concept around a product or service. By this concept creation you can address the audience and sell, sell, sell. Many media buyers forget that they have great power when it comes to building up this concept called customer funnel.

What does help you on your way, is easy: Do your research. For us at DP this means we have to check what is working in casual dating at the moment and what trends are out there in the market. Create the funnels, reach out to your affiliate manager and propose a concept. If you know them well, they could be your assistant, when it comes to reaching those six or eight figure revenues.

Create a concept based on your learnings, based on market trends or adapt funnels from other verticals. Then get the necessary help from the advertiser and test it. If it works, cash it. If you find a good converting funnel, it is smart to ask for exclusivity on it from the affiliate network – After all it is your idea! This is the variable of what I would influence. Secondly, never stop testing. Even small changes of unique selling propositions can make a big difference and turn your campaigns from red to green. Accumulate learning and use it in your next funnel concept.

My advice? Stop searching for the holy grail of traffic. Don’t believe in one super traffic source and take as much control of the conversion funnel as possible in order to make your campaigns profitable. Trust me. This will be much more rewarding!

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