For Webmaster: Useful WordPress Plugins

There are many available plugins for WordPress, but which of them are actually useful? Apart from popular plugins like “All In One SEO Tools” or “Comission”, which were previously covered in AWMpro, there are many more which facilitate webmasters everyday tasks. Today I will present four of them.

Dieser Artikel erschien zuerst in der AWMpro #16


SEO Smart Links

With this plugin you get the possibility to defi ne certain words as links. If you publish an article about dating on your blog for example, and another one containing the word date, the plugin will turn date into a hyperlink linking to the dating article. The process is fully automated and no further interac? on is required. You can also manually supply your keywords and specify the URLs linked to. It is also possible to use external links. You can specify whether they are opened in a new window and whether a nofollow a? ribute is assigned. This plugin can be extremely useful for webmasters. Links in texts are important for search engine optimization and users like to click links in texts.

Short facts

  • Links added to previously defi ned keywords
  • Outbound links can be controlled
  • Nofollow attribute possible


SAM pro (Free Edition)

SAM pro is the successor of the beloved Simple Ads Manager. With this extensive tool you can manage your banners or you can distribute multiple banners on your blog. Additionally, there is a fall-back option and simple view and click statistics. You can define different “zones” for your banners or have them rotate. The format of the advertisement is not important, you can use images, flash, Javascript, PHP and more. If you have used Simple Ads Manager in the past you can easily migrate your data.

Short facts

  • Banner rotation based on advertisement weighting
  • Automatic implementation in posts and on pages
  • Supports all kinds of ads (image, fl ash, JS, PHP and more)
  • Customizable detection of bots and crawlers
  • Extensive impression and click statistics


Pretty Link Lite

The Pretty Link Lite plugin lets you mask your links. This means your links look like they are subpages of your blog. If your URL is and you want to link to, the mask will convert the link to cpartner or, depending on how it is configured. Masking links is mainly useful when using affiliate links. Pretty Link Lite not only makes links look better, you also get detailed information about the clicks. The report entails where the hit came from and which browser, OS and host were used.
You can even choose whether you want implement temporal (301) or permanent (307) redirects.

Short facts

  • Generates extensive statistics data
  • Downloadable CSV tracking reports
  • Cookie based user tracking
  • Creation of link groups
  • Creation of nofollow/noindex links


WP Backup

BackWPup is a very important plugin, not only for webmasters but for everyone with a blog. This plugin creates a complete backup of your blog including all databases. It even has an option to back up to your Dropbox. You can also have the backup sent to you by e-mail. To restore your backup all you need is one click. Altogether the tool is very easy to use, no initial setup is needed. Nevertheless there are detailed options, for example excluding certain fi les and folders from the backup.

Short facts

  • Dropbox integration
  • One click restore
  • Easy to use
  • Work on Linux and Windows servers
  • Very good support
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