Evolution or Revolution: Adult Content in 2016


Another year ends and once again we ask ourselves: What did we learn from it? Answer: At least in regards to revolutionary new ideas for adult content not much. Basically we had everything already, no matter if reality, gonzo, glamour, amateur, with or without story, whatever.

Every couple of years someone invents a good product – let’s say X-Art for example – which then gets copied by their competition until the consumer gets sick of it. Rinse and repeat. Any revolution in sight here? Not so much – sex is sex. So if there’s no revolution in the content, where else could it be?

10 years ago it has been discussed whether HD video is really necessary. Critics said that seeing every flaw might destroy the illusion. I don’t think that any reasonable person would get the idea of NOT shooting in HD nowadays.

Can this be said for 4K video today? There is no dispute that 4K is still in an infant stage, at least among the consumers. There are hardly any 4K TVs out there, same for 4K PC monitors, 4K displays for smartphones and tablets and you can’t even buy 4K content on DVD/Bluray yet. And for online streaming everything depends on the new H265 video codec, the “old” H264 codec requires such a huge amount of data that streaming in good 4K quality is almost impossible. And while this is not even solved yet, there are already high end cameras in 6K and 8K.

Evolution oder Revolution 2And still we decided to produce all our new material in 4K – just like we did 10 years ago with HD. “Future Proof” is the keyword here – or Evolution if you want to say so. And next?

If you asked me, I would recommend having a good look at Virtual Reality (VR). Whoever experienced this with good content and good technology (like Samsung Gear), knows what I am talking about. Here you could really speak of revolution. At this point I always hear some people say that VR is nothing else than 3D content with bigger glasses and without TV and 3D failed completely as adult content. At least the latter I would never dispute. But if you ever tried VR yourself, you would never claim that it is similar.

Evolution oder Revolution 3And it gets even better: VR content – because of its high demand in data – is at least for now completely unattractive to content pirates because it is (for now) almost impossible to distribute it on tube sites. And even if it happens: Whoever tried VR content in bad quality on his precious device, will 10 minutes later search for legal offers in full quality with his credit card in his hand. And yes, it’s that good. And I am sure of one thing: When in 2016 the consumer versions of Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear and similar goggles will be sold, the whole topic will blow up even more.

So if you want to keep your clients entertained, I strongly recommend looking into this.

Happy Holidays and happy New Year!

Stefan Geisler – AmazingContent.com

Editor’s note: Also availble for SEXMoneys XXXMiles.


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