• Better CSS by SASS

    Ever since the 90s, CSS has been helping us make the internet a prettier place. And although CSS has been optimized and updated time and time again, there are still some things that cause programmers trouble in their daily work. This is where the preprocessors come into play. They...
  • Neuromarketing: How to hack a brain

    What do a human being and a lab rat have in common? What sounds like the beginning of a bad joke may actually be the key to better understanding our target audience. Of course, a human being is much more complex and multilayered than a simple rodent, but both...
  • Password, please!

    Yahoo, Dropbox, Twitter, LinkedIn. Time and again, we hear new reports about hacked accounts. And if you look at the list of the most-commonly used passwords, it is baffling how easy some users make it for cyber criminals. But password safety is not rocket science....
  • Heatmap tool for our partners

    As Renato Lima described in his article two issues back, heatmap tracker tools are a useful and valuable option when it comes to on-page optimization. And now that backlinks have lost a bit of importance and unique content continues to play a major role, heatmap tracking can be particularly...
  • 300 awesome free things – many small tools 4 free

    Who does not know ….. page optimization and you need a pic in time, a tool, a logo or somthing else …. But legally, please! And if possible for free! Goes! Check it out! you will Love it!...
  • Developing apps with HTML5

    There are several ways (Phonegap Build, Tutanium, Secha, etc.) to create apps with HTML5. Personally, I prefer Cordova. What Cordova does is: It creates an app that includes WebView. Or put differently, Apache Cordova creates an app for a browser to actuate a web app developed with HTML5. With...
  • The quality of a web project. How is it defined, how can you achieve it?

    Often times, certain things are overlooked when we evaluate the quality of a web project. You can find countless web projects that seem perfect at first glance and that also have a good search engine ranking. However, a good search engine ranking and a nice first impression don’t tell...
  • CSS3 – The ultimate countdown

    They are all over the TV: Top 10 shows, charts shows, etc. Admittedly, it is always a matter of opinion whether the presented ranking really includes the best of the best. Still, we wanted to create our own Top 10 and compiled ten truly useful and brilliant CSS3 tricks...
  • NGINX on the rise!

    NGINX, an OS-independent web server that was developed in Russia, is becoming more and more popular among webmasters and online companies, persistently nibbling at the market share of old bull Apache. Sites like Facebook, Netflix, Golem, GitHub, Source-Forge, WordPress, and many others already use this system. In this article,...

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