• Better CSS by SASS

    Ever since the 90s, CSS has been helping us make the internet a prettier place. And although CSS has been optimized and updated time and time again, there are still some things that cause programmers trouble in their daily work. This is where the preprocessors come into play. They...
  • Better headlines in 5 easy steps!

    You want to write another magnificent post for your blog, you do meticulous research and sacrifice valuable hours, but then you get stuck at the most important part: the headline...
  • Let’s encrypt – SSL

    SSL – Everybody knows the green https:// in the browser bar. It is a seal of trust and security and signifi es a reliable site. So far, SSL certification has been very expensive, but now, the Open- Source project letsencrypt.org offers certificates for anybody – and they’re free!...
  • For Webmaster: Useful WordPress Plugins

    There are many available plugins for WordPress, but which of them are actually useful? Apart from popular plugins like “All In One SEO Tools” or “Comission”, which were previously covered in AWMpro, there are many more which facilitate webmasters everyday tasks. Today I will present four of them....
  • Shape your code: CSS Shapes

    In the AWMPro issue number 15 we dealt with CSS animations without additional JavaScript. This article takes it one step further and is about creating geometrical shapes by CSS....
  • Turning “not provided“ into “all provided“

    In September 2013, Google had decided to close the door on two thirds of previously freely accessible keyword data and mark them as “not provided”. But now, that is coming to an end! Google has hidden its keywords long enough. Now, it’s time to go ahead and analyze your...
  • The Importance Of Reputation Scoring For Deliverability

    You may have recently read the blog post from Oracle Marketing Cloud about the demise of the deliverability reputation score. There seem to be several misconceptions and misunderstandings about reputation and reputation scores that any organization sending emails should know, or risk the demise of their email marketing program....
  • Amateurcommunity sender tools – Make money as a successful sender!

    The question that I hear most often is probably: How I do make more money with Amateurcommunity.com / AC? Well, I admit we are a little different from other portals, therefore, things have to be done a little differently. It is important to find the right work flow for...
  • Content filter for dating sites?!

    ISP filters that block dating sites overwhelmingly rejected by broadband customers. The majority of UK broadband users have rejected parental internet filters that block harmful material – including dating sites....

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