• Top 5 – How to get kicked from google

    … or at the very least, get a lower ranking. What do we need Google for when the search engine gives us nothing but grief? Your traffic is going through the roof, followed closely by your server costs; day and night, you are busy with SEO, and constantly, you...
  • Better headlines in 5 easy steps!

    You want to write another magnificent post for your blog, you do meticulous research and sacrifice valuable hours, but then you get stuck at the most important part: the headline...
  • Evolution or Revolution: Adult Content in 2016

    Another year ends and once again we ask ourselves: What did we learn from it? Answer: At least in regards to revolutionary new ideas for adult content not much. Basically we had everything already, no matter if reality, gonzo, glamour, amateur, with or without story, whatever. Every couple of...
  • Content is king again

    You have to stay abreast of the constant changes vat Google, if you want to generate users via search engines in the long run. In 2014, there were several big developments, messing up the ranking structure. Several new ranking criteria have been added, others became less important, and yet...
  • Conversion optimization – A book of seven seals?

    Your sites are converting well, you have a steady stream of traffic? Awesome, that means you have time to take care of other things, right? Well, you could do other things, but should you? Like everything, it depends. I mean, who is saying you can’t get more out of...
  • Marketing & Conversion

    First of all, you have to understand that every webmaster is a marketing booster, and it is his website that must whet the users’ appetite for more! Admittedly, it’s not easy, and getting that boost takes a bit of work. A keyword analysis, a reliable affiliate programme, and good...
  • ADULT SEO UPDATES – Panic among webmasters who don’t offer mobile-optimized sites

    If you’ve ever visited a site that is not mobilecompatible with your smartphone, you’ll know the problem. You have to zoom in and out to recognize anything, and you are more occupied with your phone than the actual content on the site. It is not a good thing when...
  • Making more money as an amateur with social media networks

    Some of you may know this article from 2015 – as a LOT has happened since then we decided to give it a little update. Today, we’ll talk about generating traffic via social media networks. You get a lot of traffic from sources like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Send...
  • Successful with WordPress TUBE

    You don’t necessarily need your own Tube sites to make money with them. You can also create a Tube with WordPress, and if automated, it can be just as good as a real Tube without too much effort. So, what do we need? First of all, you need a...

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