Istvan Gergley works for Digital Performance in Berlin and as the head of media buying has a lot of experience and expertise. Knowledge he is most happy to share with you....
  • 3, 2, 1… and action! How YouTube can be your adult traffic source

    Everybody knows YouTube, everybody uses YouTube – in any given month, the site attracts a billion users who, all put together, watch 6 billion hours’ worth of videos. And the users are constantly off ered new things as content creators upload 400 hours of video material each minute. So...
  • Stumbling Block Re-Design

    I often hear older webmasters reminisce about how well this or that domain used to do. But often, when you look at the site, you realize that no one has worked on it for a long time. So what do you need? Right, a re-design! A new coat of...
  • Traffic vs. Traffic – An introduction to media buying

    In whatever area of online business you specialised in, traffic is the focus of each and every activity. If you do not generate your own traffic, you need to buy it. An online project can only work with visitors. But traffic is a very differentiated area: in the anonymous...
  • The quality of a web project. How is it defined, how can you achieve it?

    Often times, certain things are overlooked when we evaluate the quality of a web project. You can find countless web projects that seem perfect at first glance and that also have a good search engine ranking. However, a good search engine ranking and a nice first impression don’t tell...
  • 5 Ways To Welcome Mail Subscribers Into Your Program

    Similar to new employees, new email subscribers need a proper introduction to your program. Throwing subscribers into the thick of the action without a proper warm-up can overwhelm and cause them to prematurely opt out. Instead of adding them into your regular program, consider a customized warm-up course to...
  • An untapped niche? How to make money promoting ebooks

    By “ebooks”, I don’t mean the everyday fiction novels or “housewife porn” you’ll find on Amazon… I’m talking about high-pain problem-solving information products that yield conversion rates of up to 3% and 75% commission – for a $47 product. You might be thinking, “Who’d spend that kind of money...
  • Amateurcommunity sender tools – Make money as a successful sender!

    The question that I hear most often is probably: How I do make more money with Amateurcommunity.com / AC? Well, I admit we are a little different from other portals, therefore, things have to be done a little differently. It is important to find the right work flow for...
  • The content business in the year 2015

      I have to admit: As a content producer in 2015 I do feel sometimes like an alien at the regular ADULT trade shows – around me only billing, mobile and traffic people. And then I ask myself: What do all these people sell? 20 years ago the world...

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