Istvan Gergley works for Digital Performance in Berlin and as the head of media buying has a lot of experience and expertise. Knowledge he is most happy to share with you....
  • Top 5 – How to get kicked from google

    … or at the very least, get a lower ranking. What do we need Google for when the search engine gives us nothing but grief? Your traffic is going through the roof, followed closely by your server costs; day and night, you are busy with SEO, and constantly, you...
  • Better CSS by SASS

    Ever since the 90s, CSS has been helping us make the internet a prettier place. And although CSS has been optimized and updated time and time again, there are still some things that cause programmers trouble in their daily work. This is where the preprocessors come into play. They...
  • Neuromarketing: How to hack a brain

    What do a human being and a lab rat have in common? What sounds like the beginning of a bad joke may actually be the key to better understanding our target audience. Of course, a human being is much more complex and multilayered than a simple rodent, but both...
  • 3, 2, 1… and action! How YouTube can be your adult traffic source

    Everybody knows YouTube, everybody uses YouTube – in any given month, the site attracts a billion users who, all put together, watch 6 billion hours’ worth of videos. And the users are constantly off ered new things as content creators upload 400 hours of video material each minute. So...
  • Password, please!

    Yahoo, Dropbox, Twitter, LinkedIn. Time and again, we hear new reports about hacked accounts. And if you look at the list of the most-commonly used passwords, it is baffling how easy some users make it for cyber criminals. But password safety is not rocket science....
  • Better headlines in 5 easy steps!

    You want to write another magnificent post for your blog, you do meticulous research and sacrifice valuable hours, but then you get stuck at the most important part: the headline...
  • Let’s encrypt – SSL

    SSL – Everybody knows the green https:// in the browser bar. It is a seal of trust and security and signifi es a reliable site. So far, SSL certification has been very expensive, but now, the Open- Source project offers certificates for anybody – and they’re free!...
  • The first AWMpro of 2017 is there!

    The gloomy winter weather loses ground to the sun, the spring and everything new. What you should not miss in this situation? The new AWMpro of course! Fresh from printing with new content, exciting features and a lot of know-how for you....

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