All new about the Webmasterchannel!

Good things come to those who wait – And you have clearly waited enough for all the new and shiny things we prepared for you!

All you have to do is look around a little bit and you can easily spot all the differences: a brand new logo, so that you can recognize us everywhere, a completely new layout and new functions for and in the Webmasterchannel and of course the hot off the press Webmasterchannel Magazine.

The what? Yes, the AWMpro also got a glossy, fresh coat of paint. The name change is only the first part to guarantee the identification of our magazine with our website

Even better: Our magazine is now 100% digital! This means faster navigation to the articles you want to read or look up, direct links and integrated downloads. In the future we also plan to offer you more videos, slideshows and other interactive elements directly linked to our website. So no need to miss the print edition, ever!

So many changes – but still not all that we changed! We also integrated the old AWMpro Archive into the Webmasterchannel, so now you can find everything that you need in one place. You can even register on our website to access the whole archive and comment on our posts, ask questions and tell us your ideas about the topics that we write about.

The Webmasterchannel Magazine and the associated website are relaunched – And if you want to do the same as a webmaster, you can read the detailed instructions in this issue to get started and find the right tools. But don’t worry, we also have tutorials, reports and news for the veterans among you that will help you with your work.

So go and check out our new website and read the latest issue of the magazine there!


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Good things come to those who wait – And you have clearly waited enough for the shiny new Webmasterchannel! 🤩🤩🤩

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